Haze-Free Palm Oil Campaign
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We want to support local eateries and businesses that are most impacted by COVID-19.

What is the issue

The link between palm oil and haze

Palm oil is linked to deforestation and loss of wildlife in Indonesia and Malaysia. To grow palm oil, huge areas of peatland forests are cleared and drained, making  the area highly susceptible to fire due to the dry landscape.

Huge forest fires are the main cause of haze, a crisis which contributes greatly to climate change, and produces detrimental social and environmental impacts.

What are the misconceptions?

A major misconception in regards to palm oil is that consumers should entirely boycott palm oil to stop the haze. In fact, palm oil is the most efficient oil crop and is the main source of living for farmers

  • Boycotting palm oil may in fact, lead to greater deforestation rate and induce more biodiversity loss due to companies switching to less efficient vegetable oils.

Benefits of joining #HAZEFREEFOODSTAND campaign

All services provided free-of-charge

We want to support local eateries and businesses that are most impacted by COVID-19. Much like our current pandemic situation, haze has also caused food establishments in Singapore to suffer a large drop in patronage, and can continue to do so if we don’t make a change. Thus, we would like to invite you to be an exclusive partner that promotes haze-free palm oil as part of our upcoming #GoHazeFree campaign. In supporting local FnB businesses, you would help them in sustaining their operations.


  • Online and offline marketing platforms that will attract consumers towards sustainable businesses like yours. We will showcase the food selections from your company that use haze-free palm oil. Your food will be the main selling point in the marketing material. 

  • Educational materials for your customers 

  • PM Haze will develop free educational materials (on-site and online) for your consumers on why you have chosen to start your haze free journey.


  • Sustainability consultancy for the procurement of haze-free products (eg: cooking oil, edible and non-edible products).


  • Networking opportunities with other eateries and related businesses that are on their haze-free palm oil journey too.

  • Exclusive workshops for our business champions where you will have the opportunity to showcase your food as well as learn more about how to better use haze-free ingredients in your food.

  • Helping your company in linking up with other sustainability organisations which would propel you in kicking start your sustainability journey.

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