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Encourage your favourite eatery to go haze-free!

What is the issue

The link between palm oil and haze

Many agricultural products may lead to deforestation and loss of wildlife globally. 85% of global palm oil production is in Malaysia and Indonesia. To grow palm oil, large areas of peatland forests may be cleared and drained, making the area highly susceptible to fire due to the dry landscape. 

These forest and land fires are the main cause of haze, a crisis which contributes greatly to climate change, and affects public health.

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What are the misconceptions?

While palm oil is often portrayed as the main cause of deforestation, many common agricultural products like cattle, soybeans and corn farming are also main causes of deforestation.

A major misconception in regards to palm oil is that consumers should entirely boycott palm oil to stop the haze. In fact, palm oil is the most efficient oil crop and is the main source of livelihoods for farmers. Switching to an alternative oil crop will intensify land use. We should target the agricultural practices rather than the commodity itself.

Boycotting palm oil may in fact, lead to greater deforestation rate and induce more biodiversity loss due to companies switching to less efficient vegetable oils.

Why is it important?

Haze-free palm oil is grown without the use of fires to clear land, no deforestation, no new development of peatland and no social exploitation.

Palm oil is one of the main sources of livelihood for many farmers in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Palm Oil is a versatile product that is used in more than 90% of eateries in Singapore aNd is found in more than 50% of products found in our supermarkets. It is also the most land efficient oil crop which yields more than 5-10 times more than other vegetable oils.

Why should you care?

Benefits of supporting #HAZEFREEFOODSTAND campaign includes

Providing support to local eateries and businesses that are most impacted by COVID-19. Much like COVID-19, the haze has also caused food establishments in Singapore to suffer a large drop in patronage, and can continue to do so if we don’t make a change. Thus, we would like to invite you to support haze-free palm oil as part of our upcoming Haze-free Foodstand campaign. In supporting local FnB businesses, you would help them in sustaining their operations.

Learning to make conscious decisions when deciding on something as simple as choosing where to eat.

Ability to take ownership of the air we breathe

What Can We Do as Consumers?

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Take a stand with your food

Encourage your favourite eatery to go haze-free! Click this link to do so! (A list of searchable eateries and a template where people can message or send an email to their eateries)

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