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We Breathe What We Eat

Encourage your favourite eatery to go haze-free!

What is the issue

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Haze is a result of land fires that may be caused by the unsustainable production of agricultural commodities which ends up in our food.

Know About Palm Oil and Haze

Image by jonathan ocampo

While palm oil is often portrayed as the main cause of deforestation, many common agricultural products like cattle, soybeans and corn farming are also main causes of deforestation.

Agricultural commodities like palm oil has often been blamed for fires and haze in our region. Did you know that more palm oil can be produced per hectare of land, than any other oil crop in the world? Palm oil when produced using ‘haze-free’ methods is made with:


Is your breakfast causing haze?

Image by Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis

Palm oil-based cooking oil is used in 90% of restaurants in Singapore. Moreover, palm oil exists many foods that we consume daily, from breads, to peanut butter to your favorite morning ‘kopi’. Eateries can choose to use haze free palm oil in the food they serve.

Breathe Easy?

Benefits of supporting #HAZEFREEFOODSTAND campaign includes

Image by Drew Beamer

Providing support to local eateries and businesses that are most impacted by COVID-19. Much like COVID-19, the haze has also caused food establishments in Singapore to suffer a large drop in patronage, and can continue to do so if we don’t make a change. Thus, we would like to invite you to support haze-free palm oil as part of our upcoming Haze-free Foodstand campaign. In supporting local FnB businesses, you would help them in sustaining their operations.

I want my favourite eatery to

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Take a stand with your food

Encourage your favourite eatery to go haze-free! 


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