Learn more about Peatlands!
Image by Arnaud Mesureur

What is the issue?

Peatlands are natural wetlands that cover 3% of our earth. Partially decomposed plant matter from living plants falls to the forest floor, creating layers of peat over millennia. All the carbon from the plant matter is kept underwater, locking in the carbon.


Peatlands contain three times more carbon than all the plants and trees in the world. 

Peatlands are being drained and cleared to make way for the cultivation of agricultural produce to support human consumption. We must ensure no new development of peatland areas as well as develop strategies to sustainable restore degraded peatlands.

Restore carbon rich peatlands here.


Peatland degradation increases fire risks and results in haze in our region. Degraded peatlands also increase carbon emissions, accelerating climate change. 

Peatland fires can emit up to 10 times more smoke than regular forest fires. Every hectare of degraded peatland emits carbon dioxide, equivalent to driving 3 passenger cars for an entire year. 

Protect peatlands, prevent haze.

Haze as a result of peatland degradation also has significant effects on public health and our economy: 

In Singapore

  • Hospital admissions for people with pre-existing conditions go up when the PSI is elevated.

  • Singapore has 290 000 migrant workers, employed in outdoor construction work leaving them vulnerable to haze.

  • Most recently in 2019, eateries in Singapore see a drop of up to 90% in patronage during haze episodes.

In Indonesia,

  • In 2019, 900 000 people in just 6 Indonesian provinces suffer from respiratory infections.

Why should we care?

Image by Jason Leem

What can we do?

Agricultural use is one of the factors of peatland degradation. We must find a balance between human needs and protecting our natural environment. One way will be to ensure there is no new development on peatland through our support for sustainable palm oil products that are RSPO certified.

PM Haze's joint programme with EKA  rewets and revegetates degraded peatland in Sungai Tohor. Our programme also aims to revitalise communities that live in these areas.

Restore peatlands, prevent haze.

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