Learn more about Peatlands!
Image by Arnaud Mesureur

Peatlands are natural wetlands that cover 3% of our earth. Partially decomposed plant matter from living plants falls to the forest floor, creating layers of peat over millennia. All the carbon from the plant matter is kept underwater, locking in the carbon.


Peatlands contain three times more carbon than all the plants and trees in the world.

What is the issue?


Damage to Peatlands would lead to detrimental effects to the environment. It would cause biodiversity loss, increase in carbon emissions, and would also contribute to climate change.

In Singapore

  • Hospital admissions for people with pre-existing conditions go up when the PSI is elevated.

  • 290 000 migrant workers are employed in construction and most have to work outdoors, resulting in them being more exposed to haze. 

  • Eateries in Singapore see a drop of up to 90% in patrons.​

In Indonesia,

  • In 2019, 900 000 people in just 6 Indonesian provinces suffer from respiratory infections.

Why should we care?

Image by Jason Leem

What can we do?

Our Solution

Peatland Restoration Programme

  • Restoration of Community Managed Peatlands 

  • Location: Sungai Tohor 

  • Ongoing effort to restore burnt peatland through cooperation and involvement of the local community & financial support from donors

  • Programme led by PM Haze & LSM EKA (Lembaga Swadaya Masyarakat Ekonomi Kreatif Andalan)

  • Commenced in June 2019



Peatland Tree Adoption Programme

  • For just 5$ (SGD), you would:

  • Adopt 2 Trees in our nursery

  • Your contribution would go towards: 

  • Improving livelihoods

  • Potentially save 16.515g CO2 per year (equivalent to driving a car for 66 kilometres)

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