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What is Haze?

Haze is an atmospheric phenomenon where visibility is impaired due to smoke, dust and particulate matter. Haze can be caused by both natural and man-made reasons. When haze disperses from its source in a country to another country, it is said to be a transboundary haze pollution. 

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The Issue

Unsustainable development of palm oil and pulpwood leads to peatland degradation in the region, making the landscape dry and increasing the risk of fires. Burning of peatlands, which can be made even worse by dry weather conditions, is the main cause of the haze in Singapore, as winds carry the smoke particles, toxic gases, dust and other pollutants over our skies. 

Our Mission

People’s Movement to Stop Haze, known as PM Haze, is a non-profit focusing on outreach, research and advocacy on the transboundary haze crisis. Steering consumption patterns towards sustainable palm oil and paper as well as assisting Indonesian and Malaysian farmers to create a sustainable livelihood are two main ways we empower our community.

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Haze Response Plan 2023

Information and resources to help you fight haze this year

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