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More than 90% of local chain restaurants use palm oil. 

More than 90% of local chain restaurants use palm oil. We know this through our 2016 survey covering 362 outlets from 33 restaurant chains. Despite palm oil being a common cooking oil used in Singapore, many are still unaware of the links between unsustainable palm oil and haze.

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Haze-Free Palm Oil helps save peatlands - carbon sinks that contain more carbon than all the plants and trees in the world! They reduce burning of peatlands which mitigates the problem of transboundary haze. We, as consumers, are not directly involved in causing the peatland fires. However, we indirectly give rise to it when we dine in at eateries using Haze-causing Palm Oil or consume products containing Haze-causing Palm Oil.

Haze has resulted in several restaurant businesses losing up to 20% of customers and can cause breathing problems too. 

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Do you recall the haze in 2015, 2018 and 2019?

It affected our health, businesses, and day-to-day life. To prevent future haze disturbances, we have to start consuming and increasing the demand for Haze-Free Palm Oil.

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