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Clean Air, Resilient Communities: Together Against Haze

Empowering people with the tools, knowledge and passion to drive the movement.

Help Stop the Haze
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What is Haze?

The haze is a phenomenon caused by the visible accumulation of smoke, dust and particulate matter in the air. When haze disperses from its source from one country to another, it becomes transboundary haze pollution.

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The Issue

Unsustainable development and exploitation of peatlands causes the landscape to become dry and exposed, increasing the risk of fires. Fires can be caused by both natural and man-made reasons. Burning of peatlands, worsened by dry weather conditions, is the main cause of transboundary haze in Singapore. Smoke particles and toxic gases present in the haze can cause health problems, especially in vulnerable groups of people.

Our Mission

Our mission is to drive a movement to stop the haze by empowering village communities to restore peatlands and develop sustainable livelihoods, and steer consumption towards sustainable palm oil and paper.

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Haze Response Toolkit

Information and resources to help you combat haze

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