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Hands Raised
Haze talks & Workshops 
Our team has worked with primary, secondary, post secondary and Institutes of higher learning in Singapore and in the region. We are also happy to tailor a programme for varying age groups and educational needs.
Hands Raised

If you are looking to enhance your current environmental education efforts, get in touch with us. Alternatively, download our Toolkit here!

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Advocacy Mentorship

Our team is experienced in service learning methodologies, having taken on service learning mentorship roles (International Baccalaureate CAS supervisors and MOE Values in action projects) We are able to tailor the guidance according to different stages of learning and age profiles.


Understanding The Problem

Understanding The Landscape of Solutions

Scoping Of A Solution For An Advocacy Project

Overseas Service Learning Project

Our trips to visit nearby peat swamp reserves provide a unique perspective on the solutions to transboundary haze as well. We have worked with undergraduates from various Institutes of Higher Learning in Singapore to curate an overseas learning experience to Malaysia.


We also partner with businesses to complement you existing custommer relationships.

Qlothe switched their business philosophy to become sustainable. They decided to partner with us as a way to cement their commitment to ecological restoration of previously burnt peatlands as well as the development of communities that live in these fragile areas.

Educational Partners

Sustainable Businesses (Past and Current Partners)

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