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Our Story


In 2013, Singapore was hit by its worst ever haze on record. Millions of people were left crumbling for the few remaining haze masks and with little knowledge of the causes and solutions.

Meanwhile, a few individuals decided to investigate the causes of Haze that had been recurring on and off since 1997. They asked:
“Can we, the people of Singapore, do something to help stop the haze?”

deforestated field with palm trees at the back

They discovered that one of the main causes of haze is the rampant clearing of forests, especially peat swamps and forests, for palm oil and paper plantations. Much of this expansion and destruction of key ecosystems is fuelled by a global demand from consumers and investors, including people in Singapore.


In February  2014, the 5 co-founders of PM.Haze would meet at a food court to discuss our first steps toward stopping haze. Although they were just ordinary Singaporeans, they were united by the conviction that

when enough ordinary people come together, we can create change.

At that time, Singapore’s Transboundary Haze Pollution bill was open for public consultation and they quickly organised and provided some suggestions which ended up strengthening the bill. This would then become the The Transboundary Haze Pollution Act of 2014 (THPA) revised in 2021. This is a statute of the Parliament of Singapore that criminalizes conduct which causes or contributes to haze pollution in Singapore, and to provide for related matters such as deterrence.

person's hand signing legal document
a group of hands each holding a plant


In 2016, PM Haze became an official registered charity, determined to drive a movement to stop the haze in Singapore and the region.

Since then, PM.Haze has attracted more like-minded people to join the movement, conducted research and built valuable partnerships around the region. 

Singapore's skyline with flowers on the foreground

Our Mission

Our mission is to drive a global movement to stop the haze by empowering the community with the knowledge, tools, and passion. We educate and tackle the root causes of haze, starting with our community-led peatland restoration program.

Advocacy and community empowerment

In Singapore, we aim to steer consumption patterns towards sustainable palm oil (our consumer choices matter!) while building a movement that advocates for haze-free products and planetary health.

Community-led peatland restoration

In Indonesia, we support farmers with their peatland restoration efforts and creating sustainable livelihoods. For this, we adopt science-based methods and assist local communities to restore community-managed peatlands, ensuring long-term ownership of the activities, and ultimately reducing the risk of fires.

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