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Co-founded by Tan Yihan, an ordinary Singaporean who witnessed Malaysian farmer’s fight against peat fires in 2014, PM Haze is all about taking collective action to stop the environmental destruction that causes haze. Led by a team of hard-core haze-fighters, volunteers from all walks of life contribute their time and expertise to the movement to stop the haze.

Governing Board

Low Ying Hui
Chevon Low
Zhang Wen
Yang Yang

Executive Team

Benjamin Tay
Azhari Ahmad 
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Atikah Kasim
Yukie Yokoyama
Bryan Soh
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Rachel Tan
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Ryan Lim
How can you join to make a difference
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Switching Haze-Free Palm Oil

Our team has worked with primary, secondary, post secondary and...

Switching Haze-Free Palm Oil

Global Peatlands are carbon sinks that store up to 3 times more carbon...

Switching Haze-Free Palm Oil

The Air Hitam Forest Reserve is the last standing peat swamp forest in...

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Be a Partner

Our team has worked with primary, secondary, post secondary and Institutes...

Be a Partner

We are always looking for people to help us to reach out to businesses and...

Be a Partner

When Yihan and his friends started the group in 2014, he didn’t imagine that...

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