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Peatland Restoration
What are peat forests?
Peat Swamp forest store large amounts of carbon
Why is it important to protect our peatlands?

Peatlands cover 3% of the eath's surface but they store 3 times more carbon than all the vegetation in the world.

Why must we restore peatlands?
Why are we doing this?

Global Peatlands are carbon sinks that store up to 3 times more carbon than all the plants and forests in the world combined with unsustainable agriculture on peatlands also results in increased fire risks leading to transboundary haze. Peat fires are virtually impossible to put out and the smoke emitted can be up to 10 times more than fires on other forest lands.

Consider to Restore Peatlands?

Where do we impact?

Sungai Tohor is village located on a peat island off the mainland of Sumatra and just 3 hours from Singapore.  Bad fires in 2014 impacted the public health and livelihoods of the community there. 

Peatland restoration enables their livelihoods through various incentives and also provides them with a clean environment for all who live there. 

Capacity Building
Peatland Vegetation Study
Peatland Nursery 
Ecological Impacts
Community Impacts
Community Incentives
Community Education

Learn about the process of Peatland Restoration


We work with an Indonesian registered Non Governmental Organization, EKA which consists of passionate members from the Sungai Tohor Community.

​Replanting on previously burnt peatland

​Research and monitoring

​​Foraging seedlings from the indigenous peat swamp forest

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