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Joint public health, community, government effort tackles haze challenges for local resilience.

During COVID-19 outbreak, the government issued free masks to locals at RC (Residents’ Committee) centres and CC (Community Club) centres. Now, once again, the government is preparing to set up ‘haze sanctuaries’ at public facilities to distribute masks to low-income and residents prone to the harmful effects of haze.

‘Haze sanctuaries’ is an initiative driven by the partnership between the government and the People’s Association (PA) to help locals combat haze. Apart from giving out free N95 masks, some of the air-conditioned rooms in CC and RC centres have been set aside to cater as common refuges for vulnerable groups like senior citizens with insufficient N95 masks, air purifiers or air-conditioning in their houses.

MOH also ensured that public health institutions like hospitals and nursing homes have adequate air-purifying equipment and medical supplies. Healthcare institutions and medical practitioners are also advised on capacity-mitigating measures to cope with a potential spike in haze-related ailments.

Finally, on top of the assistance from various sectors, we, ourselves should also stay abreast of the news on SG transboundary haze and refer to MOH’s health advisories to be better prepared against haze.

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