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Social media proves to be a good platform to promote knowledge on SG transboundary haze.

In this technologically advanced age, information can be transmitted in a split second. We could use technology to our advantage by sharing feeds and reliable content pertaining to SG transboundary haze. One way that you can do this is by tagging us @pmhaze on Instagram. PM Haze also manages a subsidiary account @protectourpeatlands on Instagram where we share everything related to peatland and how peatland dynamics could affect our haze experience in Singapore. In any case, we can always stay tuned to the latest updates on SG transboundary haze through reliable sources like news articles and scholarly reviews. We believe that social responsibility is extremely crucial as it shapes the socio-environmental dynamics and forms the backbone of our cause, which helps the community realise a cleaner, haze-free environment.

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