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Forest Trees
Prevent haze, Adopt a tree
Forest Trees

Peatlands cover only 3% of the earth's surface. They contain three times more carbon than all the plants and trees in the world. Protecting our peatlands help in the fight against haze and climate change.

Forest Trees

Peatland degradation increases fire risks and carbon emissions, causing haze and accelerating climate change. Elevated air pollutants levels from haze increase hospital admissions of individuals with pre-existing conditions. Haze, as a result from peatland degradation, also increases social and economic risk

You can help protect our peatlands and prevent haze

Peatland restoration can prevent haze and slow climate change. 


Our joint programme with LSM Ekonomi Kreatif Andalan aims to reduce fire and haze risks through the holistic restoration of degraded peatlands. We adopt science-based methods, simplified for local communities, to restore community-managed peatlands. We build capacity with communities, to empower and incentivise them to take ownership of peatland restoration.

Support our peatland restoration efforts
Forest Trees


Each tree that you adopt goes directly to the community in Sungai Tohor. Your contribution will help nurture each tree in our native peat species nursery that will be planted onto one of our degraded peatland restoration sites.

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