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Eating Dumplings

Palm oil is used in 90% of eateries in Singapore and is the most efficient oil crop in the world. However, the rate of adoption of sustainable palm oil globally, and locally, is low. Haze-free food stand is a campaign that promotes the use of sustainable, haze-free palm oil in Singapore. This will allow us to harness the benefits of palm oil, at the same time mitigating the negative implications through sustainable palm oil consumption.

32 eateries on board the campaign
(19 brick-and-mortar eateries) (13 home-based businesses)

HFFS Eateries
Mish Mosh HFFS HBB 13 Mar 2021 PM Haze_3.jpg
Mish Mosh HFFS HBB 13 Mar 2021 PM Haze_5.jpg

"It really isn't that hard to do our part to protect our environment. Make some slight adjustments to our food choices, and our air becomes cleaner. It's a responsibility that we all have.”

- Raihan Rafi, Owner of @meismishmosh

Want to eat haze-free but don’t know where to start?

Here’s a list of eateries that we have partnered with to bring haze-free food to you!

Support our haze-free foodstands

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