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  • Is sustainable/Haze free Palm Oil a real thing? There is no such thing!
    RSPO-certified palm oil can be deemed "haze-free", as its production follows the NDPE standards of RSPO that are holistically implemented across the supply chain, which also ensures that no fire-causing slash-and-burn practices are employed. This then leads to reduced to zero chances of transboundary haze!
  • Haze free Palm Oil, SPO, RSPO Certified Palm Oil, Certified SPO. So many names. Do they refer to the same thing?"
    Yes they generally refer to palm oil that is produced with no burning and NDPE. Certified SPO means that it goes through an auditing process based on the principles and criteria set by a certification association. Common ones in our region are MSPO, ISPO, and RSPO. To be sure, look out for labels from the RSPO that are on your products or ask your supplier if their product is RSPO certified. RSPO is internationally recognised & covers the supply chain holistically from upstream producers to food service providers downstream. RSPO is also one of the few certification associations that have criteria that restricts new development on peatland and has best management practices stipulated for its certified members.
  • Haze-Free Palm Oil is very expensive
    Haze-free (or RSPO certified) Palm Oil costs between 1-2$ more than an equivalent non certified food service packaged cooking oil option. As for retail packaged cooking oil, cooking oil brands who are selling certified cooking oil in Singapore retailers have not raised their cooking oil prices upon certification.
  • Boycott Palm Oil
    Palm oil is the most efficient oil crop in the world. Palm oil is also trans fat free, and versatile (used in 50% of items in supermarkets, 90% of eateries in Singapore use palm oil in their cooking). We should target the practices and not the commodity itself. SPO is grown without the use of fires and NDPE policies.
  • Cultivation of Palm Oil is the main cause of deforestation in Southeast Asia
    Palm oil is not the only cause for deforestation. Livestock, corn, and soy are the top 3 contributors to deforestation globally. A solution to this is to implement strategies that produce agricultural products in sustainable ways so as to allow the world’s forests to thrive.
  • Palm Oil is very bad for your health because it contains a lot of saturated fats
    Saturated fats are only one factor for personal health. Palm oil is naturally trans-fat free, which is known to be detrimental to heart health. The important thing is to use oils in cooking in moderation and to ensure that the oil used is produced without harm to our environment.
  • Palm Oil is only found in cooking oil
    Contrary to popular belief, palm oil is found in a wide range of both edible (cooking oil, food products, etc..) and non-edible items (lipsticks, cosmetics cleaning products, soap, and more!). You may download our haze- free supermarket guide for more information.
  • Using a different Palm Oil - Based cooking oil affects the quality & taste of the food
    While palm oil-based cooking oil comes in different qualities and different blends, Haze- free palm oil is produced from the oil palm fruit and the only difference is that the practices of cultivating the fruit takes into account environmental and social factors. It does not affect the quality & taste of the food, as long as the cooking temperature, frying time, amount of times the oil is re-used, sufficient cleaning of equipment, is properly managed.

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