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Peatland restoration, the first practical step towards SG haze mitigation.

Sustainable consumerism of paper, pulp and palm oil products seems like the only way that we can help to reduce the likelihood of haze from Singapore. However, do you know that you can also help to nip the problem in the bud by joining peatland restoration activities?

Since our founding in 2015, PM Haze has organised 2 peatland restoration projects in Indonesia, where Singaporeans are invited to join us in our endeavours. Hands-on participation is important in helping Singaporeans truly understand the problems associated with SG transboundary haze and the significance of the work our regional partners do in peatland rehabilitation that reduces the occurrence of haze. Stay tuned to our latest news on potential peat restoration programs by following us on Instagram! Another way that you can help is by donating to our cause through our ‘Adopt a tree, prevent haze’ initiative! By funding peat restoration efforts, you are also doing a great part for the environment in the long run. Support our cause now!

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